What you see here are brief descriptions of Vladan Devedzic’s current projects. For descriptions of his completed projects, both international and national, seeĀ Archives.

WINnovators – Boosting young women entrepreneurial spirit and skills to become the women innovators of the future (2021-2024)

A 3-year project funded by the European Commission (project No. EACEA 598829-EPP-1-2018-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) under its Erasmus+ program, with the objective to promote digital, entrepreneurial, STEM/STEAM, innovation and sustainability skills among young women from rural areas. This will be done by proposing new training practices and by providing opportunities for the development of entrepreneurial ideas, thus overcoming the bias to female entrepreneurship. Another objective is to develop new teaching and training approaches in higher-education institutions (HEIs) that will build the required skills among students, for example by engaging students and external informal learners in capacity building activities benefitting their local communities.

Vladan Devedzic leads the team from the Balkans Distance Education Network (BADEN) in the project activities and in the project consortium.

DAN – Data analysis in selected domains

A 3-year project funded by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (project No. F-150) focusing on the collection, preparation and analysis of data in selected domains, with the aim of discovering potentially existing patterns in the data and creating appropriate models. On the basis of such models, predictions can be made on new data in those domains and subsequent new insights into the meaning, changes, trends, quality and stability of data sets in those domains can be achieved.
Domains of interest to the project include education, music industry, poetry and arts.

Completed projects